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Instruction on how to Download MT4 for Mac


Downlaod PlayonMac
Just visit the official website at this link, click on the download and follow the instructions.


Install PlayonMac
Once you’ve downloaded the DMG package, launch it and follow the step by step instructions until installation is complete.


Update Wine emulator
Wine 1.4.1. is automatically installed with PlayonMac. It's currently the most stable version – but if you wish you can update to the beta version of Wine 1.5.31 which has a number of improved features. To update:

Open PlayonMac

Select Tool > Manage Wine Versions

Select the latest version from the left hand window and drag it to the right hand window. The upgrade will start automatically. Once the installation is complete the new version will appear. You can now close this and install


Install MetaTrader4

To install the MetaTrader4 platform, please click on this link.

After the download is complete, please launch the setup file. PlayOnMac will automatically be used to open it. Follow the step by step installation.

When the installation is complete, PlayOnMac will offer to create shortcuts for MetaTrader 4 terminal components - the client terminal itself and MetaEditor.

After creating these shortcuts, you can start using MetaTrader 4. Double click on it in PlayOnMac window to launch the terminal.

Then just login as you would on any device, and you’re good to go!

MT4 Data Directory

PlayOnMac creates a separate virtual logical drive with necessary environment for each installed program. The default path of the installed terminal's data folder is: Library\PlayOnMac\WinePrefix\MetaTrader_4_\Drive C\Program Files\MetaTrader 4

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